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Many marine species can detect and react to faint electric signals. The HECS Stealth Dive Skin is designed to reduce the electric signal emitted by the human body. Includes full suit, hood, gloves, socks.

  • Get closer to marine life.
  • Enhance your dive experience.
  • Multi-environment camo design.
  • 4-way stretch for optimum flexibility.
  • Contoured multi-panel design for superior fit and comfort.
  • Includes fullsuit, gloves, hood and socks.
  • Designed for divers, spearfishers, marine life researchers and photographers.
  • Can be worn over or under your wetsuit, or on its own.
  • For best results wear the HECS Stealth Dive Skin fullsuit, with gloves, socks and hood for maximum coverage.
  • HECS StealthScreen is made of conductive carbon fibers, uniquely formed to reduce the faint electric signal emitted by humans.
  • US Patent Number 8203129.

CAUTION: HECS products are designed to reduce the electromagnetic output of the wearer so less is emitted and detectable from the outside. Some species of sharks and other marine life are attuned to very minor electromagnetic signals. Typically such aquatic species are also sensitive to visual and olfactory (i.e., smell) stimulation, which a HECS product does not effect at all. HECS products DO NOT in effect make the wearer invisible. The user assumes all responsibility and risk involved when in the habitat of sharks, rays and other marine life. Many aquatic species are dangerous and unpredictable. It is impossible to guarantee that marine life will not detect any electromagnetic signal while a person is wearing a HECS product, and they also may locate a wearer by using its other senses. With or without a HECS product, all aquatic species should be treated with respect and caution. Any water-based activity in the presence of marine life is inherently dangerous, involves a considerable degree of risk and is not recommended. Do not participate in any activity involving risk of harm from marine life that you would not voluntarily engage in without a HECS product.

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